D3D-s: 3D jewelry scanner

Super Retina resolution

Our scanners have the industry's best resolution of 0.020 mm/pix and an accuracy of 0.010 mm, which makes the scanned object look exactly like the original. We call this Super Retina resolution because the scan result reveals details that are invisible to the naked eye. Our jewelry scanner is the best solution for scanning jewelry, shadow bands, and gemstones. Compare the 3D model scanned by our scanner and a more expensive SLS model.

Retina resolution

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Comparison of models

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Comparison of D3D-s models

1. The price does not include shipping, duties and taxes.
2. On request, the resolution can be increased up to 0.010mm/pix.
3. Requires a special removable spray.

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Unique LED line technology

For this scanner, we developed unique scanning technology similar to that used for quality control in industrial production. Competitor scanners use SLS technology, which requires a digital projector and expensive cameras. The problem with a digital projector is that its price grows exponentially as its resolution increases. For example, you can find an SLS scanner that advertises its powerful 8MP cameras but actually has a very weak projector with a resolution of 0.8 MP. Real SLS scanners that really deliver quality results cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our scanner uses an analog LED line projector that has no resolution limitations and is much less expensive. The only drawback of our technology is the scanning speed. For example, it takes 10 minutes to scan a ring with our scanner. This means that our scanner is best suited for small studios where you only need to scan a few rings a day. The low price lets you quickly recoup your investment.

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Minimum System requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 7/8/10/11
  • 8 GB RAM
  • OpenGL 3.2 compatible graphics card with 2 GB RAM
  • Fast SSD (recommended)
  • 4GB of HDD free space
  • 2xUSB 3.x (recommended)


We developed software specifically for the D3D-s with lots of unique features. The software is currently available for Windows 7/8/10. Once the scanning is done, you'll get an STL file that you can open in any program that supports STL files, such as ZBRUSH, RhinoGold, MatrixGold, Jewelery cad dream and more.