3D jewelry scanner

3D models produced using the D3D-s jewelry scanner

On this page you can see the models produced by our jewelry scanners. The screen shows the objects magnified several times. Try to reduce them to their actual size and you will understand how incredible the scanner’s resolution is.

This is a model of a ring scanned with maximum precision.

Women's ring scanned with D3D-s scanner

This is a model is an inexpensive brooch scanned in quick mode. Note the complexity of the model. It's difficult to scan this many crystals if the scanner has less than 5 degrees of freedom in its movement.

Brooch scanned with D3D-s scanner

This signet ring is old and curved. It has a complex shape. But none of this is a problem for the D3D-s. It accurately reproduces all the flaws of the original model.

Antique ring scanned with D3D-s scanner

The D3D-s scanner has no trouble producing a 3D model of an ancient mantra engraved in stone.

Om Mani Padme Hum Tibetan Script Engraved Stone

The large scanning area lets you scan more than just jewelry.

Iron Man 3 Mark 16


Walnut scanned with D3D-s scanner retina resolution

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